Available projects / Job openings

2-year Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The Waikato Environmental Geochemistry (WEG) group is looking for a researcher to join us on a 2-year Research Fellowship. The fellowship links with several externally funded projects and has the broad remit of ‘trace elements in speleothems’.

A strong background in aquatic chemistry, mineralogy and stable isotopes would be preferable. However, the ideal candidate will be competent in both geochemistry and palaeoclimatology. It is expected the researcher will complete some cave analogue experiments using UoW’s new controlled atmosphere enclosure (GeoMIC) as well as trace element and isotope analyses of speleothems. This work should ultimately lead to palaeoclimate reconstructions relating to ENSO and/or characterisation of extreme events (e.g. volcanism, earthquakes).

We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter that can make the most of this opportunity, in particular through access to UoW’s new LA-ICP-MS facility (ASI RESOlution laser, Agilent 8900 QQQ). The researcher will benefit from working in a diverse and welcoming group and have the option to conduct fieldwork in New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

MSc opportunities

Environmental science

– Fluorescence as a tracer of lake trophic state

– Arsenic cycling in New Zealand’s longest river

Earth science

– Calcite formation under cave analogue conditions

– Chemical perspectives on the microbial degradation of soil organic matter

PhD opportunities

Environmental science

Reconstructing lake trophic state using compound specific isotope measurements

Photochemical regulation of cyanobacterial blooms

Earth science

Novel quantitative proxies of past climate from speleothems

Reconstructing ENSO using highly-resolved palaeoclimate records

-Testing terrestrial archives of volcanism